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Modulars are a great idea but stumm need much improvement for what you pay. Chris Young from Salem, IL Now three weeks after my discovery of the leaking toilet and water damage the trim crew is back to replace the drywall, baseboard and toilet. Unfortunately the porch part of the attic is open to the rest of the house so cold air or heat from outside flows throught the attic. If you are unhappy in any way you can bypass the dealer and call the factory direct for any service related issue. I would have liked a little longer warranty time--one year is rather short by the industry standard; however, I feel the company rep who worked with us on the move in problems and the crews who did the actually repairs were quite good and my problems were handled in good time.

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The single job was horrible so he decided to put a new tin roof on. My biggest problem is the electrical, the roof, attic and crawl space. It has a crack down the back water tank part that has leaked and caused water damage to the room. Elvis at the service end works with us as a one on one to provide quality service in a timely fashion. This explained a lot about why our electric bill was nearly double what we paid in the 60 year old house we lived in before buying out Deer Valley home.

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On to Deer Valley, we have been through three managers. They did it right by cutting out the first foot of drywall from the floor up. I am scared to even stay in my own home. Our shower was leaking from under the tub for almost 10 months. Melissa from Louisiana I am writing to let you know that I purchased my home about 5 years ago.

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Selma al singles

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Deer Valley made sure we were happy with every aspect of our mobile home for a year. One of the many things on our list that they could't fix. Melissa from Louisiana Well where do I begin? Several calls have been made to the manufacturer with no response or promises to come and fix with no results. David and Shelia Smith were asigned to us for service work from Deer Valley. We have had building contractors come to our home and were amazed at out home and concrete work for the slab and tie-downs to secure our home. Roof rotting after only 5 years, leaked into my home and they are taking no responsibility. I made my prior statement without getting my facts together. On to Deer Valley, we have been through three managers.

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Selma al singles

Our home had a year's warranty from Deer Valley. Since then my sons tub has cracked and my mother-in-laws shower has cracked. I needed to replace carpet or install another type of flooring. On to Deer Valley, we have been through three managers. So far our other windows house built are okay. Modulars are a great idea but stumm need much improvement for what you pay. My mother-in-law dadurch recently had a front porch put on so my handicapped father-in-law can be wheeled out to sit on the porch. It is classified as mold resistant. We lived in a custom built home.


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