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To play in the World Cup and to win it. Differential quantitative analysis of MHC ligands by mass spectrometry using stable isotope labeling. He was voted South American Player of the Year in and Distorted relation between mRNA copy number and corresponding major histocompatibility complex ligand density on the cell surface. Checkpoint blockade cancer immunotherapy targets tumour-specific mutant antigens. Cutaneous innate immune sensing of Toll-like receptor ligands suppresses T cell immunity by inducing myeloid-derived suppressor cells. However, inbetween the problems Maradona also had some memorable performances for Barca, including one away to Real Madrid where he received a standing ovation from the Bernabeu crowd, but his period in Spain ended on a sour note with the mass brawl in the Copa del Rey-final against Athletic Bilbao where Maradona played his part in what reminded more of kung-fu fighting than football. In Group B, the same happened with West Germany and Poland — so the winners of these two games would contest the final. Genomic and Personalized Medicine.

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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hans-Georg Rammensee

Glycoprotein actiated dendritic cells induce a CD8-biased T-cell response. Monocyte-dervied dendritic cells over-express CD86 in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. West Germany was already assured of progression to the second round whatever the result. Construction of optimized bispecific antibodies for selective activation of the death receptor CD Argentina beat hosts Italy on penalties in a very hyped semifinal match played in Naples, but couldn't prevent West Germany winning the World Cup. By then, Maradona's reputation had been marred by his actions in the World Cup in Spain, which saw him get sent off in frustration for a vicious foul on Brazil's Batista. Red cards were formally introduced in World Cup play in , but no players were sent off in that tournament. In the 85th, Hölzenbein was fouled again, but no penalty this time. J Immunol Methods

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