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Video: Dschungelshow Tag 9 Highlights - Harry Wijnvoord, Fiona Erdmann & Sebastian Deyle

Nils was addicted to alcohol after the death of his wife, Sabrina. Not until after a secret rendezvous of Laura and Alexander she becomes pregnant, breaking the silence of the insiders admitting that the two are not related because Alexander is not the biological son of Werner. Instead, Sebastian admitted the act and was arrested. Shortly before the contract was signed, Erich, suffered a heart attack and died. Niklas had meanwhile fallen for Patrizia, despite warnings from everybody. After he had suicidal thoughts for a short time, he looks again optimistic about the future and travels to the island of Sylt. Her father had given her ex-boyfriend Sascha money, so he would leave her. When Daniel finds out, he separates from Pauline. But Sebastian realized how dangerous Patrizia really was and in angeschaltet attempt to protect Charlotte, Sebastian took the shot. However, she escaped by threatening the police with a gun. As a former practitioner of Saalfeld, Korbinian Niederbühl, along with his housekeeper Cosima Zastrow appear at Fürstenhof and it is revealed, that not Charlotte, but Cosima is the "real" Saalfeld.

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