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Stumm sold locally in upstate New York, Utica Club is widely known for its s television advertisements featuring the beer-happy steins Schultz and Dooley. Bavaria is a region in Germany where many porcelain manufacturers were located. This rare pin features the eagle's head with laurels and sword with the letter "E" superimposed on its feathered chest. Beautiful enameled badge depicting a ski jumper superimposed over competition and national flag. The obvious earthenware experiments involved raising the firing temperature past the usual level of C F. Prior tothey normally consisted of a domed lid with a tiered finial a figural representation or common design positioned at the top of the steina large, closed, five- ring hinge and small thumblift mounted over the hinge. This pin was worn by thnic Germans living in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France who supported the annexation of the reion by Germany.

Dating german steins

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This rare tinnie features the stahlhelm with Wehrmacht adler and M29 party eagle and a hand in the oath allegiance position. Until some time in the 80's the marks were green, then they switched to blue. Another group of investors, this time led by F. Regarding polio, last Tuesday was the fifth jährlich World Polio Day, part of the ongoing efforts to eradicate the disease. My site has its own search engine [top right on each page!

Dating german steins

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Afterthe words Bavaria, Germany, were used. More Photos MTp74 - Kriegskriegerbund donation pin. Earliest Beer Steins From about untila bubonic plague, or Black Death, killed more than 25 million Europeans! Inone such survivor is just two years away from becoming President of the United States. This rare pin features the eagle's head with laurels and sword with the letter "E" superimposed on its feathered chest.

Dating german steins


Some are marked, "Tettau, Bavaria" while others are marked simply, "Bavaria". Reverse is marked M. The reverse is unmarked. Nicely enameled with gilt edges. It is dated W. More Photos MTt12 - 3.

Dating german steins

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Dating german steins

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More Photos MT45 - W. Nicely enameled with gilt edges. During the summers of the late s, hoards of little flies frequently invaded Central Europe. As horrible as this historic event was, it prompted tremendous progress for civilization. Centuries-old traditions continue to train the skilled hands and eyes that are required to create these steins. Imported by the Schmetzer firm, WEBCO gave the Shultz and Dooley steins to taverns, bars, and grocery stores across the northeast as promotional items. More Photos MT11 - R. The reverse is marked R. More Photos MT2 - 2. Similarly sized outbreaks flare up around the country over the course of the next two decades, but it is not until that the terror truly strikes:

Dating german steins

More Photos MT45 - W. In the early s, the preference of the masses was so clearly for glass and pewter that nearly all of the faience workshops were permanently closed. More Photos MTp74 - Kriegskriegerbund donation pin. Another group of investors, this time led by F. In his 20s at the time, Matt had been brewing beer since his teens in Baden, Germany. It is now obvious to me the general public never gets that far before wanting to ask me a question on beer stein dollar values. Many records show that average beer consumption increased to about two liters per day in many places. From tofittings had footrings, lid rings, large fancy lids, large ball-thumblifts, and handle reinforcement straps. The guild system was firmly entrenched in European society at this time. My web site was really started as angeschaltet informational site for beginning beer stein collectors that would be looking for the info and not the general public. Marked Luftschutz, shows minor age and wear. Germany" were used after the founding of the German Democratic Republic October and used through October

Dating german steins


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