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This article was transcribed for New Advent by John D. In , the new university was opened, as was the Fachhochschule in Regrettably, I can't reply to every letter, but I greatly appreciate your feedback — especially notifications about typographical errors and inappropriate ads. In , the Hochschule of education was founded, followed by the Hochschule of medicine in , the first academical institutions in Erfurt since the closing of the university in The high reputation of this authorized translation is shown by the fact that it has a Masorah of its own. In Germany of the Middle Ages, the very wealthy merchants with the fanciest houses in town were called waid herren gentlemen of woad , and by , the Saxon town of Erfurt Thuringia, Germany had gained enough wealth through the woad trade to establish its own university. Around , some people became free citizens by paying the jährlich "Freizins" liberation tax , which marks a first step in becoming angeschaltet independent city. Between and , a second and higher city wall was established. That as early as the third century the text, for instance, of the Targum on the Pentateuch was regarded by the synagogue as traditionally settled is klarerweise from the "Mishna Meg. Berliner, "Targum Onkelos" 2 vols.

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The Targums are printed in the Rabbinical and Polyglot Bibles, although the two do not always contain the same Targums or an equal number of them. The woad growers, however, uneasy about the competition, persuaded the French government to prohibit the use of imported indigo in early s. The earliest evidence of human settlement dates from the prehistoric era; archaeological finds from the north of Erfurt revealed human traces from the paleolithic period, ca. Anthropomorphic and anthropopathic expressions are avoided by roundabout expressions or in other ways; obscure Hebrew words are often taken without change into the text; proper names are frequently interpreted, as Shinar-Babylon, Ishmaelites-Arabs; for figurative expressions are substituted the corresponding literal ones. The unification of Germany did not happen until The effort to prove the existence of angeschaltet Onkelos distinct from Aquila is stumm made by Friedmann "Onkelos and Aquila" in "Jahresber. The queen was dressed in a red dress of wool-muslin decorated with silk but the second woman was dressed in a blue twill woollen dress dyed with woad. Augustine's Church on 7 Aprilon his way to the Diet of Wormsan assembly to which he had been summoned to account for his teachings. The traditional pointing of the texts is valueless and misleading: In style and language this Targum resembles that on the Psalms, consequently both perhaps are the work of the same author.

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In[13] the University of Erfurt was founded. At the same time, many buildings were redeveloped and the infrastructure improved massively. The Jerusalem Targums This designation is not correct; the older and more correct name, "Palestinian Targum", is found for instance in the writings of Gaon Hai d. Opinions concerning the connection between the Targums Jerushalmi I and Jerushalmi II agree in general that both are to be traced back to different recensions of an old Jerusalem Targum. The Erfurt Treasure with various gold and silver objects is shown in the exhibition in the synagogue today.

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It should be borne in mind that this Targumic language does not represent the spoken Aramaic, but is the result of the labours of scholars. Some buildings of this old university are extant or restored in the "Latin Quarter" in the northern city centre like Collegium Maius, student dorms "Georgenburse" and others, the hospital and the church of the university. Erfurt was the junction of important trade routes: The importation of indigo to be used as a dye was encouraged in the late s. The traditional pointing of the texts is valueless and misleading: The only passages that are lacking are: In he was ordained as priest in Erfurt Cathedral.

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Climate[ edit ] Erfurt has a nass continental climate Dfb or an oceanic climate Cfb according to the Köppen climate classification system. Heinrich von Friemar the elder c. The Targum to the Haphtarah is to be found in what is called the Pentateuch edition of the Yemanites at Jerusalem. Inthe four medieval church windows were reinstated. There were people who died in the air raid, including the church pastor. One of the biggest was the "Royal Gun Factory of Prussia " in Timeline of Erfurt Prehistory and antiquity[ edit ] Erfurt is angeschaltet old Germanic settlement.

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