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Currently, this function is not available for Croatian verbs yet, but we are working on that, too. The current version of croDict. The German-Croatian online dictionary croDict. Special character When entering text you must neither pay attention to German nor to Croatian special characters, for the German-Croatian online dictionary croDict. This allows you to use the dictionary abroad and to look for Croatian words with special characters without first switching the keyboard. In order for croDict. We will review the reported error and the new translation and then modify them if necessary. Simply enter the desired number in digits, and the corresponding translation will appear. Of course, the translation will be displayed with the correct special characters, so that croDict. Simply click the button "report error", enter the word with the wrong translation, add, if known, the correct translation and send it to us. The flashcards at croDict. The entire dictionary can be translated with one click:

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Should an error occur in spite of our thorough research and control, please let us know! Simply enter the desired number in digits, and the corresponding translation will appear. Flashcards Since the last complete revision of croDict. Thus, the translated verb can be viewed in different tenses and persons. Another service of croDict. The current version of croDict. All numbers up to can be displayed and translated. This is especially helpful if the correct spelling is not known or for looking into other German or Croatian vocabulary in our German-Croatian dictionary. In order for croDict. For a large number of German words, there are already conjugations in our database. The flashcards at croDict.

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