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Ford Escort RS Cosworth Luxury del , vista posteriore Contemporaneamente al lancio di queste nuove motorizzazioni venne moderatamente aggiornato anche il corpo vettura: Le versioni disponibili all'inizio erano: Sea bays may also be required to ensure that the sea chest does not become blocked with ice. Con questo restyling la derivazione a 3 volumi, prima denominata Ford Orion , venne nuovamente integrata nella gamma "Escort", col nome di "Escort Sedan" e disponibile solo nella versione Ghia. La versione stradale era catalizzata. Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Two rudder pintles are usually required, and strengthened propeller tips are often required in the stronger ice classes. International classification societies have incorporated the Finnish-Swedish ice class rules to their own rulebooks and offer equivalent ice class notations that are recognized by the Finnish and Swedish authorities. In the Finnish - Swedish ice class rules, merchant ships operating in first-year ice in the Baltic Sea are divided into six ice classes based on requirements for hull structural design, engine output and performance in ice according to the regulations issued by the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency TraFi. Una versione bialbero del 16v da CV venne, infine, installata sulla Cabriolet.

1a escort


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