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Steyr aug single point sling

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The magazine release button is located behind the magazine port and is completely ambidextrous some said that it is equally NOT comfortable for either hand use. Prior to the SSG, if a civilian or police agency wanted a true sub-MOA sniper rifle, they had pay a gunsmith to fine-tune a hunting rifle. The Steyr SSG magazine is black with a clear plastic window in the rear that allows the operator to see how many rounds are loaded at any given time. I've played with many and owned dozens. To accomplish this, Steyr needed to forego the use of wood and non-essential steel in favor of lightweight synthetic materials. Review by Jluck Quality Absolutely fantastic rifle!

Steyr aug single point sling

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As a result, Steyr began producing Mauser K98s and MG- 34s for that fat-ass, toenail-painting, cross-dressing, morphine addict in InJosef and his brother transitioned to a new firm that would eventually become Steyr-Mannlicher: On the AUG A2 models, the standard scope mount can be quickly removed and replaced by the Picatinny-type mounting rail. Steyr even got their buddies in the SS to loan them some slave labor from the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp.

Steyr aug single point sling

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I called Steyr last year and ask if they would start making a Blackout barrel for it and was told "NO". The latter is more faithful to Cooper's Scout concept, and the Steyr-Mannlicher rifle can be ordered from the factory with a low-magnification Leupold scope with long eye relief. Once that arrived, right onto the gun it went and off to the range I went. The weight shifts to the rear along with the relocated action, which obviously changes the balance substantially. I strongly suspect that the SSG magazines are somewhat vulnerable to sand, mud, and would not be as robust as steel magazines under hard combat conditions. Mounted a scope and went Hog hunting in TX.

Steyr aug single point sling

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Considering all said above, one must agree that the AUG was a logical development of various well known ideas, and a really successful one. I took the Steyr used the Ching sling and popped up a can off-hand at yards. Accessory rings fitting the dovetail are available in three sizes: At yards on sand bags I was able to get very tight groups.

Steyr aug single point sling

Steyr aug single point sling

If you want a scope that will be used as a shooter as opposed to a collector , then these are really nice quality — if you can get them cheap. Prior to the SSG, if a civilian or police agency wanted a true sub-MOA sniper rifle, they had pay a gunsmith to fine-tune a hunting rifle. From what I can tell from my internet research, these scopes typically sell for dollars. Everyone that has seen my. Option for option, pound for pound In addition, although I have not had any issues, the stocks are said to warp in extreme heat. Aftermarket options are reality available for Remington , however, included an excellent replacement by Badger Ordinance. Exiting the car depending on how you carry the AUG in one involved far fewer contortions than hauling a inch-barreled AR or M16 did back when I did that for a living. And the company even gives you a choice of color on the stocks now, so you can pick between black, OD green or the fashionably popular mud shade, all to properly coordinate with either your eyes or your web gear.

Steyr aug single point sling

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