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One further track was built at the instigation of Major Peter Rischer within the military base of Kerpen when he was based there as commander of a Starfighter wing. IFA and later MZ models continued in production until the s, when economics brought production of the two stroke to an end. Arne Zetterstrom reported in a letter that "a most successful race was held in a dance hall in Stockholm on October 7th". Vemag had no capital to invest in new products and came under governmental pressure to merge. Of course, he was absolutely correct. But when their epic fails get so large that they threaten to take down the whole business, there's not much hope for a bright future. This was the first motorcycle with angeschaltet asymmetric low beam headlight pattern. The Brazilian F94 line has been improved with several cosmetic changes and became more and more different from the German and Argentine models. This harnessed the energy of the exhaust gases to produce spectacular increases in the power of the two—stroke engine. The F93 was produced untiland was replaced by the Auto-Union The British author Mat Oxley wrote a book about this scandal: All the three-cylinder two-stroke post-war cars had some sporting potential and formed the basis for many rally victories in the s and early s.

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