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Despite swearing his innocence, Darren is arrested. He stops the beating and callssending Bennet to the hospital and landing Stan in jail. However, Jamie is absolved when another aide, planted in the campaign by a Seattle City Council member, is outed as the leak. Later, when Belko Royce, family friend, tells her the boys have eaten, she snaps at him for not being part of the family, then takes a bottle of wine into Rosie's room and smokes marijuana. Wilshere Park is a joint venture development between Linden Homes and Wates Developments, and living here means you can be assured that your home is surrounded by angeschaltet interesting and impressive heritage that adds to the value of the site and the surrounding area. She was a bright Seattle student with dreams of attending college out of Washington. Mitch and Stan eventually separate, as she does not trust him and does not want to live in the house where her deceased daughter grew up.

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Her parents were split with her decision—Mitch was in favor of it. Upstairs, she spots a television report that shows released photographs of the crime scene where Rosie was found and, horrified, stops to watch it. However, he asks if Richmond has any other secrets and is assured that there is nothing to worry about. While working undercover, he became addicted to methamphetamine. The Larsens are outraged upon finding out about her involvement, and no sooner is she arrested and placed into protective custody.

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During the initial campaign, Darren tries to refrain from directly attacking Mayor Adams. These ventures opened Rosie's eyes to the world and she wanted to go to college out of state. Bullet finds Holder and Reddick staking out Goldie's apartment and demands to know why Goldie wasn't locked up. Michael Oakes, partners her with Detective Stephen Holderasking that she guide him through his first homicide case.

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Rosie left, after making another phone call. As the parents mourn the loss of their daughter, they begin to neglect their other two sons, to which Terry becomes a mother-figure. After Rosie goes missing during the Larsen family's camping trip, Stan learns from her best friend, Sterling Fitch, that she spent the weekend with her ex-boyfriend Jasper Ames. Despite being located deep in the Hertfordshire countryside, those searching for houses in Welwyn will find there is plenty on offer in the nearby area. Belko tells Stan, who interrogates Bennet and abandons him at a secluded waterfront. Mitch and Terry's parents arrive and suggest to Mitch to depend on Terry more. There, the detectives find a submerged car with Rosie's body in the trunk. The true nature of her death was revealed at the end of the second season. After a confrontation by Mitch, Stan and Belko kidnap Bennet and severely beat him. Season 3[ edit ] After walking away from her detective's job with the Seattle Police Department, Linden takes a job with the Vashon Island Transportation Authority, working on the ferry docks. She asks if any bodies had broken fingers. Linden shows her the drawing of a grove of trees drawn by Seward's son, Adrian, and mentions a possible connection with a recent murder.

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