DaN00B1e at Burn at slowest rate possible. All aXXo releases aren’t around anymore. Good Quality Rip – Thanx! I can’t put this movie on my Ipod. Lol, who uses winamp or windows media player.

It won’t work on an Ipod cuz its encoded with X. EtienneKlein at Rofistick at Watch Buy Details Resources Edit. Subtitles for hearing impaired. Thank you for your support. I had problems watching this with VLC.

Now the problem is finding the apropiate Spanish subtitles! Plays well with Media Player Classic too Overkill at Emplehod at When I try to watch this on Quicktime Player version 7. I was also able to fast forward.

Nice quality on sound and video! I can’t put this movie on my Ipod. Luxverus at Can anyone help me on this?

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Rozi1 at After a sluggish begginig, the DL speed was sweet. EtienneKlein at It turned out I got an old version 0.

BTW a very good movie, gave me a lot of laughs!! Thanks man, the Vlc player did the trick.


Subtitles for movie The 40 Year Old Virgin Phrax

TheStich at Great movie, great quality! I have a mac.

Thank you for uploading! Good Quality Rip – Thanx! The reason it works so well is you don’t need codecs installed in Windows because it uses its own. Mplayer works better for all the Linux folks out there. Schlopy at Problems with magnets links are fixed by upgrading your torrent client! Andy is still a virgin. You can drag-and-drop any movie file to search for subtitles for that movie.

Downloaded the latest version 0. Find the right subtitles. Luweewu at DvirB at To install our extension, click on 1. Subtitles from trusted source. Bozso46 at Thanks to phrzx phrax for an excellent upload. Chabbe at DaN00B1e at Excellent quality by the way. Just a note on VLC Player.

Rolfi at It won’t work on an Ipod cuz its encoded with X.